Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Round of #7's

I just finished up a batch of 1/4" and 3/8" #7 gouges.  I'm really starting to zero in on my methods of production.  I simply love working with the different woods and ferrule styles.  I think it gives each tool a uniqueness that is unparalleled, not to mention easy on the eyes.

All are available on the Knife Gallery Page for purchase.  The last two batches sold within 24 hours after making them available, so if one catches your eye, don't hesitate.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did making them.  Thanks for stopping by The Old Stump!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Any Interest in Tutorials?

In the past, I have had a fun and exciting time carving and producing a couple of tutorials including the Archer and the Study Stick.  I’m not sure if many people realize the time and effort it takes to publish something on this scale.  There are several carvers out there who record video of themselves carving and demonstrating how they do things.  I certainly do not discount the value of their contribution to the carving community.  I, myself, enjoy watching the techniques of other carvers as they perform their art.  But, in my opinion, a written explanation and still photos is still the best way for someone to follow when trying to duplicate a tutorial.  It allows the student time to pause and study the process and each individual step.

I have received a few positive responses about the tutorials I have published from some wonderful people.  It pleases me greatly to know that someone has benefited from these small publications.  I love helping people.  Serving others is a source of true and lasting joy for me.  I do, however, have to ask myself, are there enough interested carvers out there to make producing more tutorials worth my while?  I value my time greatly since I work a full time job as a mechanical engineer, make and sell carving tools out in my small workshop on weekends to help make ends meet, have a large, young family with all of my children still at home, and am active in my church and community.  As you might suppose, I get very little leisure time, and what small amount of time I’m allotted, I want to get the most of.

I do not charge for access to my tutorials; some things in life should still be free.  A monetary value cannot be placed on the joy I get from helping someone over the hump of a carving question.  That feeling is far more valuable that a few extra dollars in my wallet.  I am willing to continue making new tutorials and taking my followers along in the passenger seat on my personal carving adventures, but only if there is enough interest for me to do so.

I would certainly appreciate it if you would leave a comment on this post or send me an email at and let me know your feelings on the matter, so that I may make an informed decision.  If I find that there is still enough interest, I will revisit the Study Stick Tutorial and complete the other two steps, as well as look at some new subjects for future ones.  I will continue to post the progress on my personal carving adventures and take you along for the ride.  If not, that’s alright too.  I’ll dedicate my time to something else that is competing for my attention.  I will still keep the old tutorials available and post photos of my finished carvings to show them off to the world.

Thank you all for your interest in The Old Stump Blog.
Brandant Robinson