Monday, September 26, 2011

Utah Valley Wood Sculpture Show

What a wonderful show!  I don't remember when I've had a better time.  The folks in Provo, Utah really know how to put on a terrific event.  It was the first carving show I have ever entered, and I ended up doing pretty well.  I entered five pieces in the show and won three first place ribbons, two second place ribbons, two best of division ribbons, and several other awards as well.  I guess the judges liked my pieces.  Here are some pics of my carvings with their bling:

"Supper on the Range"

"The Sorcerer"

"Practical Jokes"

"Smokin' Leather"

"I Should've Knowed To Bring My Own Horse"

I truly enjoyed myself.  Hats off to the Utah Valley Carving Club for a terrific Show.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technical Problems

Sometimes, I really hate computers!  I have no idea what caused the problem, but my entire Knife Gallery page died on me.  All of my "Add to Cart" buttons stopped working and it took me all afternoon to get them up and running again.  I did take the time to update the look of the page, so I guess I took a lemon and made some lemonade.  I think it looks a lot better, stop by and take a look.

I have the Knight that I have been working all practically all summer painted and waiting on a suitable base.  I hope to spend some time on it this evening, and maybe get him finished up before I go to the Utah Valley Sculpture In Wood show.  Check back soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fixed the Problem

It was brought to my attention that on my Knife Gallery and Picture Gallery pages, clicking on some of the photographs did not take you to the album containing multiple pictures of that piece.  It should be all fixed now, so click away!!!  If there are still problems, please let me know and I will take care of it.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

My First Carving Show

I'm really getting excited for my first carving show coming up next week.  I've never even attended a show, let alone participated in one.  I'm anxious to see how my pieces stack up against all of the other wonderful carvers around my area.

The show is called the "Utah Valley Wood Sculpture Show" and is being held in Provo, Utah on September 23 and 24.  Here's a link to their website: Utah Valley Wood Sculpture Show

If you are planning on attending, drop me a note so that we can be sure to meet.  I'll post some pictures when I get back and let you know how my entries fared.  Wish me luck!

Four New Knives!!!

It seems that lately I've been spending more time in my shop making knives than I have been spending carving.  Here are four new ones that I finished up this weekend:

This one's a real beauty.  The handle is octagonal dolphin shaped and is made from a piece of peach with some stunning grain.  The blade is a 1-1/8" scimitar shaped detail blade.  This knife would be fantastic for creating even the tiniest detail.

This knife is a real comfortable little knife.  The handle is stubby shaped and made of a nice piece of peach.  The wood I used to make the handle had some internal checking, leaving a fairly large crack down the left side of the knife, but after filling it with some epoxy, the handle should be good for a lifetime.  The blade is a 1-1/2" long katana shaped all-purpose blade.  This should be a wonderful knife for someone who may struggle with their grip, since the stubby handle is nice and chunky.  I did discount the price because of the crack, so this might be your chance to give this style a try.

Number three is an unusual little fellow.  I call the blade shape "Cleaver" since it looks kind of like a butcher's cleaver.  It's 1-1/4" long and nice and wide.  This knife will really hack off some wood, so it is listed as a rough-out style.  I made it as a friendly alternative to the utility knife that many are using.  I've tried using a utility knife to carve with before, be I just didn't like the feel of that thick, metal handle.  This knife offers a way to keep that utility blade shape, while maintaining a comfortable feel.  The handle is made from a nice piece of sapwood peach that has some delicate graining.

Last, but certainly not least, is this beauty.  It's a 1-1/4" scimitar shaped detail blade.  This style of blade has become one of my most popular, and it's easy to see why.  That nice profile is great for making curved cuts and that sharp point really gets into those tight place for detailing.  The dolphin shaped handle is made from a nice, rich piece of plumb with some terrific grain.  A fantastic little detail knife.

All of these knives are available for purchase on the Knife Gallery page.  Click on the photo in the Knife Gallery to see a few more pictures from different angles of these knives.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekend Knives

I had the weekend off from custom orders, so I took the time to make a trio of my own choosing.

The top knife is a real beauty.  It's patterned after my personal rough-out knife that I go to for almost all work when I need to remove a lot of wood.  It has a 2" long katana blade that is extra wide for strength.  The octagonal dolphin handle is made from a piece of wormy plum wood that gives it some fantastic character.

The next contestant is a 1-1/2" katana-shaped all-purpose knife.  You can't beet this blade for all of your general carving needs.  It's a great knife for taking your next project right up to the fine detail stage.  The smooth dolphin-shaped handle is made from clear apple and has fine and graceful grain lines.

The bottom knife is a thing of beauty.  The blade is a 1-1/4" long scimitar style.  This is a fantastic little detail knife for the finest details that you can dream up.  It's thin blade and sharp point get into those hard-to-reach places.  To top things off, the dolphin-shaped handle is made of my personal favorite, apricot wood.  It has beautiful grain lines and fits perfectly in the hand.

All three knives are available for purchase on the Knife Gallery page.