Saturday, August 27, 2011

Farmer Brown

It's been a while since I've posted a finished carving, so I though that I would show you my latest piece.

You may remember this guy from a post a little while back before he had any paint on him.  I decided that an old farmer had better have a beat-up old straw hat to look right, so here's what I came up with.  I also gave him a pair of round glasses and a piece of straw sticking out of his mouth for a finishing touch.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out.  I'm also working on improving my photography technique.  The light is still a little harsh, but at least the colors look sharper and truer to the real colors.  Stop by the Picture Gallery (click the tab at the top of this page) for several more photos of this old codger.  I hope you like him.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wooden Rings

Here's a fun little project that I completed recently.  I've heard several people mention how they made wooden rings and it intrigued me.  I did some research on the different methods for making these rings and thought that I would give it a try.  These three rings were made by laminating three layers of oak and apricot together with the grain of one layer running perpendicular to the next.  This way the ring is quite strong.  I've been wearing one around for a week just to see how it would stand up to the daily grind, and it seems to be doing just fine.  I gave the other two to my wife and daughter who, for some reason, were overjoyed at receiving the gift.  They are really fun to make and a great way to use up all of those little scraps that you may have laying around.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lower Prices!!!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have significantly lowered the prices on my present inventory of quality, handmade carving knives.  I need to reduce my stockpile so that I can fill it up again (wink wink).  Go to the Knife Gallery Page by clicking the link above and check it out.

The Hybrid

Here's a real beauty!!! She's has a 1-1/4" long blade in a shape that I call a hybrid between my scimitar and katana shapes. It brings out the best characteristics of each blade profile and combines them into one. The handle is beautiful cherry with a natural finish to bring out the subtle beauty of the grain. The handle shape is what I call the octagonal dolphin shape that is extremely comfortable to use and the ridges give you a good, firm grip on the knife. I'm extremely proud of this one.  Go to the Knife Gallery Page for more views.

A New Knight

Here's a project that I have been working on for most of the summer.  I haven't had nearly as much carving time this year as I would have liked to have had, but I've been squeezing in a few minutes here and there when I could.  This guy is all carved and burned, but is waiting for a few more add-ons and for a really nice base, or possibly a small scene if I can think of a good idea.  I also have plans of giving him a great paint job, so he should be a really nice piece. 

The photo is somewhat distorted, and makes him look kind or short and stubby. He's actually kind of tall and skinny.  I really need a better camera and some photography lessons. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this newcommer.