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Currently Available Knives and Palm Tools

Over the years, I had tried many woodcarving tools from a variety of manufacturers, but was never completely satisfied with how they felt in my hand or how they held their edge.  This frustration gave rise to starting my own line of custom tools aimed directly at offering the most discerning of carvers exactly what he wants: the most comfortable, highest quality, sharpest, and most beautiful tool possible, all for a reasonable fee.

Why carve with an ugly tool?

You won’t find any ugly, plain, or boring tools here!  Every piece is designed with quality and beauty at the forefront.  If you are going to spend hours, weeks, or even years working on your wooden art, why not choose a tool that is as mesmerizing to look at as it is to use?  The perfect marriage of beauty, quality and function are what keep my customers coming back for more.
On this page you will find all of the knives and palm tools that are available for immediate purchase from my current inventory.  Each and every tool has been crafted to the same high standards of quality that I put into all of my tools.  Peruse the photos for that next tool that just has to find a home in your tool box.  Please direct any questions regarding making a purchase or to make special payment arrangements to brandantr@msn.com and I will be sure to respond in a timely manner.

The Gallery

Blade:  1/4" #7
Handle material:  Maple
Price:  $30.00   Sale $25.00

Blade:  1/4" #5
Handle material:  Quina
Price:  $30.00   Sale $25.00

Blade:  1/4" #7
Handle material:  Black Mesquite
Price:  $30.00   Sale $25.00


  1. I have two of your knives, a katana and a scimitar, both with dolphin style handles. They are truly functional works of art in their own right. And they are a dream to carve with!

  2. Totally agree with Todd! They are awesome!