Carvings Gallery

Everyone needs a place to show off their accomplishments, and this is mine.  Many of the carvings presented in this gallery are looking for a new home.  If you are interested in purchasing one or more of my pieces, just click the "Add to Cart" button and check out as you would at any online store, or contact me via email at and I will get in touch with you.

Because not all details can be seen from the front view, I have provided a link, directly below each photograph, that will take you to a collection of many more photos of that piece which show all of the intricate details not seen in this picture.

"Crunchy on the Outside, Chewy in the Middle"

$250.00   Sale $150.00

Sometimes, the Dragon wins!  This friendly little fellow picks his teeth with the lance of his fallen foe as he stands atop the smoldering remains. This was a very challenging piece and I believe that it is a wonderful representation of some of my best work.  The piece stands 11 inches tall and calls for a prominent place to be displayed.

"Smokin' Leather"



“Smokin’ Leather” was carved in 2010 and is a large figure measuring in over 16 inches tall.  This old hand was the winner of a red ribbon at the 2011 Utah Valley Wood Sculpture Show (first place went to my own Quigley carving).  I spared no detail when it came to this burly old rancher.  He’s decked out to the fullest.  I urge you to check out the additional photographs to view all of the details not visible in this picture.

"Cooling His Heels"

$150.00   Sale $95.00

This fun little scene was an absolute pleasure to create.  The old cowhand soaks his aching feet in the cool stream as a couple of frogs enjoy themselves on the sandy beaches of their own private resort.  Carved in 2012, this wonderful piece stands approximately 8 inches tall and would make a wonderful addition to any collection.

"A Knight to Remember"


This gallant knight stands ready to defend the kingdom at all costs.  Standing at 14 inches tall with the base, his presence is sure to be noticed whether it be on your desk at work or on your mantel at home.  “A Knight to Remember” was carved in 2011 and is sure to save the damsel in distress and steal away the heart of anyone who sees it.

"Runs with Scissors"


This proud warrior of the planes has a regal, almost majestic air about him.  Armed to the teeth and fully detailed, “Runs with Scissors” captures in caricature the essence and pride of our Native American friends.  Measuring in at over 13 inches tall, he is sure to be a conversation piece with any who see him.

"The Love Birds"


This handsome couple has been together for many, many years.  Cheek-to-cheek forever is how they will stay.  Full of color and detail, this piece, carved in 2010, stands 8 inches tall and would be a terrific and thoughtful gift to that special couple in your life who have enjoyed the years together.

"Long Trail"


This old mare has had a hard day of herding cattle and is looking forward to a nice rubdown and a bag of oats.  “Long Trail” measures 10 inches in height and is loaded with intricate details.  The colors and emotion captured in this piece truly reflect the hard life of the old west.  This old gal would look at home as easily on a desk as in a display case.

"The Knight"


This brave knight has a kind and compassionate look about him.  But, don’t let his happy nature fool you.  He’s armed and ready to defend the innocent on the shortest of notices.  “The Knight” was carved in 2010 and was the first in a series of Medieval Busts.  At 8 inches tall, he is the perfect addition to any desk or mantel.

"The Jester"

$100.00   Sale $50.00

Sometimes, a piece just comes together, and “The Jester” did exactly that.  The dopy grin on his face, coupled with the bright colors and jingle bells, captures the essence of a court fool.  An 8 inch tall piece, this fellow is a fun addition to my Medieval Bust series.

"The Gambler"

$115.00   Sale $75.00

From his silver-toed boots, to his ivory-handled revolver, this old gambler is a charmer.  With the tip of his hat and that crooked smile, he can talk his way out of almost any confrontation.  This piece was carved in 2009 and stands 14 inches tall with the base.  With that Ace up his sleeve, he’s sure to be a winner at cards and in your collection.

"The Ramrod"


This crusty cowpoke runs the Rocking R Ranch and has a stare that would curdle milk.  Clothed in that big, black hat and his dark brown duster, he’s truly an ominous figure.  This little bust stands 9 inches tall and was carved at the end of 2011.  “The Ramrod” would make a wonderful addition to any collection or even as a single conversation piece for someone who enjoys western culture.

"The Sorceror"

(Not For Sale)

This conjurer is obviously up to no good.  It’s best to stay out of his way, or you might find yourself turned into a toad.  “The Sorcerer” is indeed a delightful piece, filled with fun details ranging from the labels on the conjuring ingredients, to the titles on his reference books.  This piece was carved in 2011 and stands just less than 17 inches.  “The Sorcerer” took home a blue ribbon and best of division at the 2011 Utah Valley Wood Sculpture Show.  Unfortunately this carving took a tumble, and now takes up residence in my own permanent collection.

"The Sheriff"

$100.00   Sale $50.00

“The Sheriff” is a welcome addition to my Medieval Bust series.  That wicked grin and devious brow are a reflection of the dark thoughts that hide within his evil mind.  This piece was carved in 2010 and stands 8 inches tall.  “The Sheriff” is a marvelous piece for your collection, sure to catch the attention of anyone who may pass by.

"The Peasant"

$50.00   Sale $40.00

This simple peasant keeps the kingdom running with his sweat and hard work.  A terrific addition to my Medieval Bust series, “The Peasant” stands just under 8 inches tall and was carved in 2011.  He always wears a pleasant smile on his face, no matter how bad things may get.

"The Archer"

$75.00   Sale $50.00

This piece was the subject of my Archer tutorial which is still available on the Tutorials Page here on The Old Stump Blog.  Here’s your chance to take home the original.  Carved in 2011, “The Archer” stands just less than 9 inches tall.  The bow and quiver of arrows strapped across his back and that keen Robinhood hat, make him a special addition to my Medieval Bust series.

"That's the Spot"


This chuck-wagon cook was carved in the Lynn Doughty style.  Unseen in the photo, he is scratching that hard-to-reach place on his back with his cooking spoon.  Where’s the Health Department when you need them?  This wonderful little figure was carved in 2009 and stands approximately 12 inches tall.  He would look great on your desk at work, or perhaps sitting on your coffee table at home.

"The Friar"

$50.00   Sale $40.00

No Medieval Bust collection would be complete without a grizzly old Man-of-the-Cloth.  The happy look on his face and the slightly cross-eyed stare lead one to believe that this fellow has been dipping into the King’s ale.  “The Friar” stands 8 inches tall and was carved in 2010.  Add him to your collection today or give him as a gift.

"The Wizard"

$75.00   Sale $50.00

This old conjurer has been the King’s advisor for many generations.  The grizzly old beard and lines on his face speak volumes of a long life in the service of the court.  This welcome addition to my Medieval Bust series was carved in 2010 and stands just less than 9 inches tall.  He would be a welcome addition to liven up any desk or mantel.

"Bed Time"

$50.00   Sale $40.00

This sleepy little fellow was carved in 2009 and stands 8 inches high.  Dressed in his brightly-colored pajamas and his nightcap, he’s ready to retire after a very long day.  The expression on his face and the color theme on this piece worked out very well.

"Ready for Takeoff"

$100.00   Sale $75.00

This skinny old Pegasus stands atop a cliff looking down with trepidation.  Perhaps he does have one more flight left in him.  “Ready for Takeoff” was carved in 2010 and stands 14 inches tall with the base.  You can see the wisdom in his thoughtful old face.  He deserves a place of honor in your collection.

"The King"

$100.00   Sale $50.00

This old monarch looks down on his subjects with majesty.  With his crown slightly ascue and a twinkle in his eye, you just know that he's a kindly old ruler. “The King” was carved in 2012 and stands 8 inches tall with the base. You can see the wisdom in his thoughtful old face. He simply demands a position of prominence in your collection.

"The Perfect Hand"


This crafty old cheat was the subject of my "Carving the Caricature Bust" tutorial.  He looks a little guilty as he pulls the ace out from under his hat to complete the royal flush.  He turned out to be one of the most charming carvings I've completed to date, full of detail and wit.  The carving stands about 9 inches tall with the base and would look great in any display case.