Monday, February 11, 2013

The Caricature Gets a Hat

Part five of the "Carving the Caricature Face" tutorial is now up and ready. Follow the link above to the Tutorials Page and scroll to the bottom. In this segment, we will put a cowboy hat on our ruggedly handsome fella' as we take the caricature head and turn it into a full bust.  I hope you all find it useful and, as always, if you have any questions, just ask.

Inventory Reduction Sale

My currently available inventory of knives and gouges has been building up over the last few months to a fairly wide selection.  As good as it is to have some tools readily available, it's time that these great knives and gouges found a new home in someone's tool box instead of sitting fallow in my drawer dieing of boredom.  To this end, I have significantly reduced the price on each one of these tools to hopefully entice one of my carving friends into adopting one (or two, or three, . . . ) of these wayward guys into their own tool family.

On another note, I am in the process of finishing up the next installment of my tutorial where we will put a nice cowboy hat on the caricature head that we finished up in the last tutorial.  Check back soon.