Thursday, June 23, 2011

Centering Pins

After a long and grueling couple of months of working out of town, I am finally back home where I can get back to carving.  I hope that everyone hasn't given up on The Old Stump completely.  I really do appreciate all of the support that you have given to my blog.  Here's a little gadget that you might find useful.  I call it a "Centering Pin".

It doesn't look like much I know.  In fact, all it really is is the tip of a small finishing nail snipped off and sharpened at both ends poked through a tiny piece of sheet copper and a drop of solder to keep it in place.  This is how it works.

 Here I have a carving that I need to mount to its base.  I take a centering pin and stab one end into each of the points where I will be putting a dowel that will attach the carving to the base.

Now I position my carving on the base the way that I want it to be and push down.

After lifting up, I have three little holes positioned exactly where I want them.  Now, all that I have to do is drill the appropriate size holes using the small holes made by the centering pins as pilot holes, insert my dowels and some glue, and I have my carving mounted exactly where I want it.

A simple, yet effective solution when it comes to lining up dowel holes.  It also works great when attaching add-ons to your carvings too.  The piece of copper keeps the brad from going too far into one side and makes it easy to remove.


  1. bien l'idée des clous aiguisés.

  2. This is a brilliant solution. Yet so simple.