Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Part Four of Carving the Caricature Face

The long awaited conclusion of the Carving the Caricature Face Tutorial is now up and ready for your use.  In Part Four we finish carving the head by detailing the ears, the hair, and applying some finishing touches to produce a completed caricature face.  I hope that you will follow along and carve your own caricature head.  I would love to see what you come up with.  Just send me your story and a photo or two of your carvings at theoldstump@live.com .  I will not post any photos or stories without your expressed permission, so don't worry about going public if you are not ready for it.

You will find a link to the tutorial by clicking the "Tutorials Page" tab found at the top of this page and scrolling down to the bottom.  The link will then take you to a PDF document.  I suggest that you download the PDF as viewing it from the Google Docs page where the document is stored causes the images to distort for some odd reason.  Have fun and Happy Carving!!!

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