Thursday, April 13, 2017

Another Price Reduction!

My inventory of available knives is down to just a small handful now and I'm ready to move those knives off of my shelf and into your toolbox.  I need to sell these so that I can buy more steel and wood to make more knives.  I think I may have some kind of addiction problem, but I'm okay with it.

Each of these knives is handmade and ready to carve out of the box.  I have lowered the price on all of these knives even more significantly that I did last time.  All knives are now listed for $25.00 each.  That's nearly a 25% savings over the original price.  For about the cost of a production knife, you can own and enjoy a handmade custom knife built with precision and care; from my hands to yours.  You'll be making chips in style!


  1. Yes, there are a few left. Just go to the available tools page here on the Old Stump Blog by clicking the tab at the top of the page.