Friday, April 8, 2011

Custom Knife Orders and Competition (Win Your Own Custom Knife)

I’ve had some interest lately in my custom carving knives, in that people are wondering if they can “special order” a specific blade or handle shape that is not listed on the Knife Gallery Page.  The answer is a resounding “YES”!!!  I am always more than happy to take a special order if you have something particular in mind and I have the ability to fill the order. 
Why, just today, I received an email from a customer asking if I could make a specific shape of blade.  He attached a photo of the blade that he wanted and asked how much extra it would be for me to make one like that.  I was more than happy to craft him a knife to his specific length and shape of blade, and the price of a true “custom” knife is the same as for any of my other knives, a measly $30.00.
So, moral of the story, if you want a special blade or handle, send me an email with a sketch or a photo of the knife that you want, be specific now, and I’ll do my best to fill your request.  So, show your support for The Old Stump Blog by ordering your own knife today.
All that aside, I’m about ready to start another tutorial.  I would like to do something directed toward the beginners in the group, who might not have the self confidence yet to attempt something more advanced.  I thought that it would be fun to get some feedback from you, my faithful followers, and maybe make a competition out of it.  Here’s my idea:
Submit your idea for a beginner-level carving to , being specific and original.  I will sort through the submitted ideas and choose the one that I like the best.  Yes I know, that’s not very subjective, but hey, this isn’t Burger King!  Here are the rules:
·         All ideas must be original
·         Any idea will be entertained (you don't have to stick with medieval or cowboy themes)
·         The idea must be “beginning carver level”
·         You can submit as many ideas as you would like, just do so in separate emails
·         Submit all entries to with the title “Carving idea” in the subject line
·         All ideas must be received by Saturday, April 23rd to be eligible for consideration
The chosen submission will then receive as a reward a Free Custom Made Carving Knife of his/her own specifications and have their idea implemented in the next tutorial.  So, put on your thinking caps and let’s see what you come up with.


  1. Have you had many suggestions yet?

  2. I've had a couple of suggestions, but not too many yet.