Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Knight to Remember

This fun little carving took me forever to finish.  I started him back in March and set him aside for most of the summer.  I finally got the inspiration to finish him and I think he turned pretty darn good if I do say so myself, and I guess I just did.  I'm really pleased with how the chain mail and the helmet turned out.  I believe it's the little extra details that truly take a carving up a notch.  I considered painting some kind of design on the shield and the armor, but I liked the plain, shiny armor look.  Whatever quest he's been given, I'm sure he's up to the challenge.

There are many more photos on the Picture Gallery page.  Stop in for a look.


  1. Quite a handsome fellow! No doubt off to slay the dragon that has been ravaging the southern parts of the kingdom.

    I can't quite tell from the picture. Is the chain mail small holes or did you do something more elaborate?

  2. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for your kind words. The chain mail was done by texturing the areas with the point of a rotary tool with a flame tip. Lots, and lots of little dots. It came out quite nicely.

  3. Another awesome piece!!! I think a scene presentation would have been a slight to the admirer ~ there is quite a lot of detail to absorb in the knight without having one's attention pulled away to other parts of a scene.

    Great carving! Great painting! And great presentation!!!

    Thanks for sharing him with us.