Thursday, July 26, 2012

Custom Orders Made Easy!!!


I have finally figured out how to streamline my quality custom knife orders for my many and fantastic carving friends.  Before now, all custom order transactions were handled via email; often with several messages sent back and forth until the correct specifications for the order were made clear.  This occasionally resulted in a day or two of email tag and lengthened the time that my customers had to wait to received their custom knives.

Now, at the bottom of the "Knife Gallery" page (click the link at the top of this page to go there) you will find a Custom Knife Orders section.  This new section is outfitted with five drop-down menus for each aspect of the custom knife specifications and a convenient "Add to Cart" button for easy check out.  No more email ping pong and confusion!!!  The "Custom Orders" page is still available for help in making your custom knife decisions and, of course (sigh), if you still have questions you can reach me by email at:

I certainly hope that this new format will make custom knives more accessible to more people.  Ain't technology great!

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