Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, I have to offer a great big fat apology to you all.  I just received a message from a friend of mine that many of the pictures on my posts have broken links.  Chalk it up to being new at this, but the problem stems from loosing one of my picasa photo albums that contained those pictures.  I hope that you will all forgive me and don't go running away screaming to someone Else's blog.  I promise to get this whole mess repaired as soon as I can.

Tip from the Stump: never delete a picasa photo album that you link to from your Blog.  Hey, I'm a carver, not an I.T. wizard!


  1. That's OK.

    Even we "geniuses" occasionally make "miss steaks":-)

  2. Thanks for understanding Tom. I'll take my "steak" medium rare, the same color of my face.