Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Birdies

Holy Smokes!  Fall cleanup sure takes a lot of work around here.  I haven't had the energy at the end of the day to even pick up a knife.  I did, however find the time to carve these little guys out of some basswood eggs that I have lying around.  My sweet wife loves birdhouses so I thought that she would like to have a few little occupants to put with them.  They are patterned after Laura Dunkle's Whimsical Birds.  I'm leaving them up to my sweet wife to paint the way that she wants them.  She is much better at painting cute little eyes and stuff than I am.  It's kind of nice to carve something you can start and finish in less than a hour. 

Tip from the Stump:  if you do not have a lot of time to carve or if you are low on ambition and energy, instead of working on a large project take a short break from the norm and carve something that can be finished in one sitting.  The simple act of carving will energize you and help to motivate you the next time you pick up a knife.

Hope you like them and there are more photos on The Carving Bench page.

Sorry about the focus on these shots folks.  Boy, I really need to get a better camera, or maybe some photography lessons.

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