Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Archer Bust Tutorial - Carving the Torso

Well, I finally got the torso portion of my tutorial published and ready for your use.  Here's a peek at what I have in store.

I sure hope that everyone has been enjoying this little tutorial about carving an Archer's Bust.  I am sure having a good time putting it together, but it's an awful lot of work.  I would have had this guy finished weeks ago if I were just carving him. 

I haven't been getting very much feedback so I don't know if many are even interested in the tutorial or not.  I am going through a lot of work to put this free tutorial out there, so somebody say that you are getting some benefit from it and make me feel like I'm not in this alone.  Even if one person gets something out of this it will have been worth doing, but if several get some pointers and help, it would put the icing on the cake.  If enough people follow this tutorial, I may consider other ones if the future.  Otherwise, I'll just get back to carving.

Oh ya, here's the link to part three of the tutorial

Carving the Archer's Torso


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I find it very helpful to be able to put a still pic on the computer screen as I am carving, it makes a really handy reference. i have gove through the head tutorial several times while doing carvings here as I try to master the style of you and Lynn...I appreciate the tutorials very much, please continue them.

  2. Keep it coming! It is great work.

  3. I sure appreciate your hard work. I used to want video. I think your pictures and the really good descriptions you are doing are wonderful. I have been down with the flu and then a sinus infection so have not got the head done yet. I will for sure this weekend. I am anxious to get the rest in motion.

  4. I forgot to mention, I have been carving for a long time but always learning. I have learned a lot of new techniques from you. I look forward to learning much more.

  5. I like videos but there are times that I would like to spend more time looking at just one aspect of the "job" and a still is much better for that. Also I can print out the interesting ones for reference as I am carving, something I can't do with a video.