Saturday, March 12, 2011

Live Long and Prosper

This one's for all of you Trekies out there.  May I present, the First Officer of the Star Ship Enterprise all cleaned up in his dress uniform.

I think Mr. Spock turned out quite well.  My wife said that it's her favorite bust that I have ever carved, and he rates right up there on my own scale too.  Of course, I wasn't going for an exact likeness, but I think I got some of the most important features: the hair, the eye brows, and the serious look.  I sure like to carve these little busts; they really bring me a lot of pleasure and since I can carve them in a couple of days, they never seem to get old.

I'd sure like to know what you think, so leave a comment or drop me an email.  Lots more photos in the Picture Gallery.  Stop in and take a look.

1 comment:

  1. No, he's not an exact likeness, but a pretty doggone good looking caricature. And there is no mistaking that he is Leonard Nem...or...uh, I mean...Spock.