Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekend Knives

I had the weekend off from custom orders, so I took the time to make a trio of my own choosing.

The top knife is a real beauty.  It's patterned after my personal rough-out knife that I go to for almost all work when I need to remove a lot of wood.  It has a 2" long katana blade that is extra wide for strength.  The octagonal dolphin handle is made from a piece of wormy plum wood that gives it some fantastic character.

The next contestant is a 1-1/2" katana-shaped all-purpose knife.  You can't beet this blade for all of your general carving needs.  It's a great knife for taking your next project right up to the fine detail stage.  The smooth dolphin-shaped handle is made from clear apple and has fine and graceful grain lines.

The bottom knife is a thing of beauty.  The blade is a 1-1/4" long scimitar style.  This is a fantastic little detail knife for the finest details that you can dream up.  It's thin blade and sharp point get into those hard-to-reach places.  To top things off, the dolphin-shaped handle is made of my personal favorite, apricot wood.  It has beautiful grain lines and fits perfectly in the hand.

All three knives are available for purchase on the Knife Gallery page.

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